Réva manages vineyards in some of the most important Langa crus: Ravera in Novello, Lazzarito in Serralunga and Cannubi in Barolo. There are currently 7.5 hectares in production, of which 4 are cultivated with Nebbiolo, 1.5 with Barbera, 1 with Dolcetto and 1 with Sauvignon. All the vineyards are cultivated organically and monitored directly by our in-house staff.


Réva has chosen a 100%-organic regime for the management of its vineyards. This choice requires practices that prohibit the use of synthetic products, preserve the biodiversity of the vineyard, protect the fertility of the soil and ensure greater adherence of the wine to its home territory.

Great attention is paid to pruning and grass management, with more than 130 varieties of herbs registered in the vineyards, and to the usage of certified bio products and organic manure.

monforte d'alba

44°33’57.2″N 7°57’19.5″E

Sauvignon (new implant)

Dolcetto (50 years old)

Barbera (12 years old)

Nebbiolo (new implant, 12 and 40 years old)


44°35’37.0″N 7°56’30.2″E

Barolo Ravera




Malvasia Moscata