Réva's Cuisine

The emotion of taste, the thrill of touch, the wonder of a place and the memory of tradition: this, in a nutshell, is the dining experience at Réva. A global, immersive and holistic moment. A place where the table is the centre of a complex system that brings together the best of our territory – from the land to raw materials, from the know-how of our producers to the chef’s intuition in finding a balance between taste and the aesthetics of the dish.


Our Producers' Network

Our raw ingredients come exclusively from small local suppliers. The dishes we serve spur from both curiosity and the foods that are local and seasonal to the Langhe — foods that the chef has personally tasted and selected.

Local & Sustainable

Our cooking is inspired by the concepts of sustainability and territoriality. Lesser cuts, following a nose-to-tail ethos; homegrown vegetables, fruits and herbs, often from heirloom local varieties; and foraged ingredients – including mushrooms, small fruits, herbs, flowers, berries and edible plants, game and river fish – give way to a marvellously territorial menu.

Ingredient-driven cooking

Our menu is not composed of dishes, but of ingredients. The customer selects them according to his or her taste, leaving their composition to the creativity of the chef. The food experience, in this sense, has the host offer the best of what the land produces, and the guest trusting in the chef’s ability to make the most of these products.

Our Wine List

The wine selection consists of more than 500 bottles. Alongside the most prominent names from the region are small, young producers, who have linked their work to local varieties from Piedmont and beyond. There are also labels coming from overseas, selected from the best wine-growing areas in the world.

Our lists


Opening days & times

Wednesday- Sunday
12:30 – 14:00
19:30 – 21:30

Info & bookings

cucina@revamonforte.it | +39 0173 789269